Redevelopment in New Jersey is not a new or novel concept, but over the last several years judicial decisions have substantially impacted the legal landscape of redevelopment efforts within the State. While redevelopment continues to present development opportunities for New Jersey land owners and developers, it is a process that requires careful attention to both the substance and process associated with redevelopment efforts. Bisgaier Hoff has been involved in all aspects of the redevelopment process from the initial determination of an area being in need of redevelopment, to the negotiation and implementation of a redevelopment plan, to the presentation and prosecution of the development application within the designated redevelopment area.

While the redevelopment process, in the appropriate context, does provide development opportunities, it is also a process that allows government entities to wield awesome powers including the ability to take private property. In light of such authority, New Jersey landowners and developers are sometimes placed in the position of defending their property rights against the redevelopment process. Given our redevelopment experience, Bisgaier Hoff’s attorneys are uniquely positioned to defend against redevelopment efforts that are outside the permissible statutory and judicial frameworks. Such defense includes not only ensuring that all aspects of the redevelopment process are carried out as provided by law, but even when such a redevelopment process is validated, negotiating with government entities to ensure our clients receive the maximum values for their properties and/or development rights.
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