Bisgaier Hoff is a full service civil litigation law firm premised on the simple, yet often forgotten, objective of providing effective and efficient legal advice and representation to our clients. While all of our attorneys find their roots in larger law firms, we have not carried forward the large law firm mentality that bigger (and more expensive) is always better. We established this Firm with the confidence that in our practice areas we can match the skills of any attorney and do so in a manner that is more cost effective for our clients. It is that confidence and philosophy that continues to drive us.

In today’s legal environment achieving the best result has unfortunately become synonymous with achieving the most expensive result. At Bisgaier Hoff our focus is one of efficiency. While each of the attorneys at the Firm has substantial experience in our practice areas, we all recognize that resolving a complex legal matter is not achieved by throwing time and money at a legal problem. In the law, generating the largest legal bill or having the most attorneys on your side is not a path to success. What achieves the best results for a client is focusing on the issues, identifying the best path for success and executing that plan.

While the procedural nuisances or issues within the law can often be complex, the ultimate objective in any legal matter is not. In short, it is about problem solving. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle and resolve any and all problems for our clients in the most effective way possible.



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