While navigating the land use process is a component of the real estate process, it is certainly not the end. The development and redevelopment process still necessitates the negotiation of any number of transactions with government entities and/or private parties. Whether it be on the buyer or seller side, with our combined decades of real estate experience, Bisgaier Hoff has been involved in just about every type of real estate transaction that may arise. Whether it be a contract of sale, lease, financing documents or developer’s agreement, we have represented our client’s best interests through each and every step of whatever transactional process may be at hand.

Our attorneys also play a key role for our clients before a real estate transaction is even established. Given the complexity of New Jersey’s land use and environmental regulations, the due diligence process is key to any successful deal. Knowing the local, regional and State limitations on the use of land is paramount to knowing how to get the most from a real estate transaction. We often help guide our clients through that legal landscape with any eye to negotiating the best deal possible.

In the context of our transaction practice, we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions and making sure even the most challenging real estate problems are resolved to the best interest of our clients.
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