Once upon a time, developing in the State of New Jersey was simple and straightforward. Unfortunately for developers, those days are gone. Now, developing property in New Jersey is a process that can involve municipal, county, regional State and even Federal approvals that are often times not easily achieved.

Bisgaier Hoff attorneys have extensive experience representing clients at all levels of New Jersey’s land use processes. From an appearance at the municipal planning board, to the Highlands Council, to the Pinelands and Meadowlands Commissions to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and all State and federal agencies in between, our attorneys have navigated all phases of the New Jersey development process. During those experiences, Bisgaier Hoff attorneys have also played a prominent role in shaping New Jersey land use law by participating in a number of matters before the New Jersey Supreme Court and Superior Court - Appellate Division, which decisions remain critical to the development process in New Jersey.

Our attorney have seen it all and have utilized that extensive experience to help clients navigate New Jersey’s myriad of zoning, environmental and all other land use regulations to bring residential, commercial and industrial projects to realization. Whether it be a straightforward application before a local planning board, or an appearance before the New Jersey Supreme Court to advance issues of constitutional dimension in the context of New Jersey land use, Bisgaier Hoff attorneys stand poised to bring decades of experience to advance client interests in the ever changing legal, regulatory and political climates that impact land use policies and procedures in the State of New Jersey.
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